With offices throughout the country finally welcoming back their tenants, the team at Princess Court has already set out the continuing measures to ensure workers' and visitors' safety;


Our team promotes travelling to work at Princess Court by bike. This is a really healthy travel option and can even help you shed a few pounds!
We have dedicated free bike parking both outside the building and in the garage and as this form of commuting is proving increasingly popular, we'll kep investing and make sure that an even larger provision for bikes.


We have a wet room with a new full-body dryer on the ground floor, adjacent to the GMB office for those who want to shower and change after their ride in.

We also grabbed the opportunity to undertake some improvements to the building, to both ensure that measures are in place in relation Covid-19 and to make it as even better working environment for employees and visitors.

Here’s what we accomplished:

Princess Court is fully DDA compliant.

Main Entrance


  • New fully automated doors have been installed to the main entrance to the building which will provide full DDA compliance, ease of access and improved aesthetic
  • A new intercom system is to follow linked to each occupier’s reception telephones
  • A new key code entry system for out of hours access
  • New entrance lobby carpets have also been installed
  • LED lighting has been installed into the front steps of Princess Court. Not only do we think that this is an attractive feature on a dark morning,
    but it is a considerable assistance to those with restricted sight.

Car Parking

The garage has had the traditional lighting replaced with new LED lighting, creating a much brighter space. Additionally the walls have been painted in Italian racing colours.

For workers and visitors: 

  • Hand sanitising stations in the main entrance, along with the toilets and car park entrance
  • Additional shower and WC facilities will be made available if required on the vacant floors, with a new full body drier in the ground floor showers
  • There are limited additional car parking spaces available on a first come, first served basis for any tenant interested in greater parking provisions
  • East Wing Stairwell Decoration
  • To add interest to Princess Court, murals are now in place for all the straircase lobbies. 


Our contract cleaners have implemented procedures in line with Government Guidance. Twice daily disinfecting of touch points in communal areas as follows:


Door handles, door release buttons, door opening plates, hand rails, window handles, window sills, tables, light switches, chairs, sanitiser dispensers

Toilets/WC’s/Showers: Handles, doors, locks, taps, sinks, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser.

In addition, our contractors have an electrostatic disinfecting system on order which is due imminently, which will allow for a further full sweep deep clean of the building.

Our underground car park has also been redecorated with LED lighting - electric car charging is available for tenant use.


Electrostatics is the process of adding an electrical charge to the liquid droplets when they are sprayed. When you spray a cleaning solution that is properly charged with electrostatics the solution will envelop the targeted object to provide an even 360 coating, adhering to inaccessible areas, with no runs or drips on vertical surfaces, delivering rapid and effective disinfection to all surfaces and areas.

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